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ASC records are pleased to announce their latest release: Anima Rising, ASC CD116.

This is the debut cd of the superb cellist Naomi Wright and her team of pianist Annabelle Lawson and co-producer Steve Plews.

The CD is a thrilling, multi genre musical journey that ranges from the Beethoven Cello Sonata No 2 in G Minor (Opus 5) to the avant-garde yet highly accessible composing of Steve (Plews). Along the musical route we are treated to the subtle depth of Leoš Janácek, the haunting enigmatic writing of John Hearne and a wonderful piece by Naomi herself that uses multi track layering and studio techniques.

Anima Rising has been recorded using wonderful instruments and technology and was mastered by the legendary Ray Staff at Air Studios.

With this sort of pedigree this CD is well worth a listen - Naomi and Annabelle will also feature in our women in contemporary music series later this year.

As well as being available to order directly from this site Anima Rising can also be purchased from HMV stores at Oxford Circus and Bond Street in London, as well as online via HMV's own website.