Naomi with cello

Naomi is a very versatile and highly sought after cellist.

Having studied Cello at The Royal Academy of Music in London and at The Eastman School in Rochester New York Naomi has established herself as a musician not only who plays classical music to the highest standards on the worlds largest platforms but also as a musician who improvises and composes music with much success.

Naomi has worked and recorded with musicians as wide ranging as Björk and Terrance Blanchard to Oud player Attab Haddad in his Ensemble and duo concerts with pianist Michael Dussek (Jaqueline Du Pre).

She has released her debut CD of classical and contemporary music on ASC records to critical acclaim.

Recent recordings have also included Days Distinctive, Attab Haddad (Weave records) and The John Ireland Cello sonata for A John Ireland Collection (ASC records supported by The John Ireland Trust).

Naomi is the founder of and cellist/composer in The Naomi Wright Band who play her original compositions for cello, Tabla and voice, basing the ethos in improvisation.

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